Game Features

Game Features ~ Passover Bingo

Let’s face it…we’re all kids at heart!

In that spirit, Passover Bingo was designed as a board game for kids, but it’s popular with people of all ages.

Passover Bingo game

Passover Bingo game

During a Passover Seder in 2016, or at any time before or after your Seder, you can follow the traditional rules of Bingo (placing a marker for specific words that are mentioned during the reading of the Hagaddah) or make your own creative variation using the word list that is enclosed with the game.  The game comes with 6 boards, 96 foam markers, and a word list and instructions.

The board game’s features include:
•  Professional graphic design and bright colors
•  Cards that are durable, large, and easy-to-follow
•  Words and graphics on the bingo cards that correspond with the Hagaddah and story of Exodus from Egypt
•  Detailed instructions for how to play the family board game
•  Games cards for up to six players

Buy a copy for yourself, or buy a copy to bring as a hostess gift to your next Passover Seder. The game will be sure to keep all of the Seder guests entertained!