• Passover Bingo Game

    All you need for a happy and fun Passover holiday!

    Dates, information, and games for your Passover seder!

    The eight-day Passover holiday is celebrated each year in the early spring. Wondering "when does Passover start?" or "when is the first Seder this year?" We are happy to provide you with information about Passover dates. Quick! Find the correct image on your Passover Bingo board! Passover Bingo brings the Haggadah alive, keeping kids and adults eagerly participating at your Seder. We are thrilled to offer a Bingo board game that’s designed to help people learn about Passover and kids and adults alert and engaged during the Passover Seder.  This game can be used at any time to learn about the important events and personalities of Passover, or during your first and second seders for Passover! This unique Jewish board game, which is fun and educational, can be enjoyed by the entire family. Instead of drudging through the Hagaddah, wondering when it’s time to eat, people will be motivated to follow along with the story of Exodus. Guests at your traditional Seder will be participating and paying rapt attention to the pages, thanks to this easy-to-play game. Buy a copy of this popular board game for your family or friends…or bring one as a hostess gift to your next Passover celebration!