• Why is this holiday different from all other holidays?

    According to the National Jewish Population Survey, Passover is the most widely observed Jewish holiday.  There are an estimated 5-7 million American Jews, and 77% of them have a Passover seder meal on the first and second nights of the holiday.

    For comparison purposes, 72% of American Jews celebrate Chanukkah, and 46% belong to a synagogue.  Why is Passover so widely observed?  Do Jewish people like the idea of freedom?  Do we really enjoy the dry unleavened bread?  Or is it because Passover is the holiday where we became aware that we were G-d’s Chosen People?

    Passover cuts across the different levels of observance among Jewish people – more than 3/4 of all Jews in America will be sitting at a festively decorated table on the evenings of the first and second seders reading the story of Exodus from a Hagaddah booklet, and hopefully keeping kids engaged with the Passover Bingo game, which features words and images from the key elements of the story of Exodus on easy to follow Bingo boards.