• Family Jewd game

    Remember the entertaining Family Feud game show? Why not do a Jewish take on it and make it “Family Jew’d”? If your kids are school-aged, and if you’re looking for a game that the whole Seder crowd including adults can be a part of, try this out. It’s based on the classic show, where families compete to try to name the most popular responses to survey questions. The survey responses from Family Jew’d, were compiled by the Jewish Federation of North America from dozens of people who answered survey questions via Facebook and Twitter.

    The Rules
    Choose one person to be a “host” like Richard Dawson or Steve Harvey was on Family Feud. The gameshow host splits your Seder attendees into at two teams. Try to ensure that each team has a similar balance of adults and kids, and that any Seder newcomers are also spread out. Each team needs to pick a person to be the official “voice” of that team; each team’s voice is responsible for giving their team’s guesses to the host. You’ll also need to make a scoreboard to keep track of the points each team gains.

    The game begins with the host asking a survey question that was a number of people in the Jewish community asked and answered. The voice from each family/team is positioned at a buzzer. The contestants compete to see who can buzz in first with an answer; the teams give their answer in the order in which they buzzed in, and they can’t use an answer that was already given by the other team. The family that gave the most popular answer gets two points on your scoreboard; if the other team also gave an answer that matches one of the survey responses, they get one point. They get zero points if they guess something that was not one of the survey responses.

    Now, the team that gave the most popular answer takes over game play; the host now asks them to confer quickly and then announce the rest of the answers to the question. Every wrong answer they come up with is a strike, and each team is allowed three strikes. After the third strike, game play turns over to the other team. For each correct answer a team gets, they get one point. The team that finishes with the most points wins!

    Jot down the survey questions and companion answers on index cards, with one question per card. (Or poll your friends and create your own questions!) Decide how many questions you want to ask, based on how long you want the game to run, since each round takes a few minutes. If you can round up buzzers, bells or other noisemakers so that each team has one, that’s great. If not, you can just have them say ‘buzz’ or raise their hand when they know an answer. Set up a large sheet of paper or a chalkboard as a scoreboard for the game. Feel free to round up some chocolate, chocolate covered toffee matza, plastic frogs, or other token prizes to award the winning team.

    Survey Says! The most popular answers by our survey respondents, with #1 under each survey question being the most popular answer.

    What’s your favorite Passover food?
    #1 answer: Charoset
    #2 answer: Matzah brei
    #3 answer: Chocolate-covered matzah
    #4 answer: Soup

    What’s your favorite thing to eat when Passover ends?
    #1 answer: Pizza
    #2 answer: Pasta/Noodles
    #3 answer: Bagel
    #4 answer: Rice

    What’s your favorite part of the Seder?
    #1 answer: Singing
    #2 answer: Wine
    #3 answer: Hillel sandwich
    #4 answer: (tie) Welcoming Elijah, Hearing the Exodus story

    Which of the four children (wise, wicked, etc) are you most like?
    #1 answer: Wise
    #2 answer: Simple
    #3 answer: Wicked
    #4 answer: Too Young to Ask

    Name something on the Seder plate.
    #1 answer: Shankbone
    #2 answer: Egg
    #3 answer: Parsley
    #4 answer: Maror

    What’s your favorite passover song?
    #1 answer: Dayenu
    #2 answer: Chad Gadya
    #3 answer: Echad Mi Yodea (also acceptable ‘Who Knows One’)
    #4 answer: Four Sons (also acceptable ‘that Passover song to the tune of Clementine’)

    How many days into Passover are you before you get tired of matzah?
    #1 answer: Five
    #2 answer: Never
    #3 answer: One
    #4 answer: Three

    Name one of the ten plagues.
    #1 answer: Blood
    #2 answer: Boils
    #3 answer: Frogs
    #4 answer: Darkness

    Where’s the first place you’d look for the afikomen?
    #1 answer: Couch/couch cushions
    #2 answer: Under tablecloth
    #3 answer: Leader’s chair
    #4 answer: Drawers (of desk, breakfront etc)

    Matzoh balls — firm or fluffy?
    #1 answer: Firm
    #2 answer: Fluffy
    #3 answer: Somewhere in between