Frequently Asked Questions About Passover Bingo

    Below are answers to questions that frequently asked about this fun family board game.

    How Much Does The Board Game Cost?

    Passover Bingo costs $24.99, plus shipping (free if you are an Amazon Prime member). Discounts are available for bulk purchases, or with a coupon code from a distributor.  We may run promotions from time to time to lower the price or give you a discount on shipping.

    What’s Included in the Box?

    Each Passover Bingo game includes six boards, 96 foam pieces to act as markers for the bingo squares, an instruction and word list.

    Can I Buy it at a Retail Store?

    Yes!  If you would like to see the game “live,” it is currently available in several locations.  Please check our “stores” page to see where you can buy one. By Passover 2014, we hope to have wider retail distribution!

    Can I carry this in my store or sell a bunch out of my home?

    Yes!  We would love for the game to be more widely distributed and welcome inquiries about our distributor program.  Basically, if you commit to buy a quantity of games, we can offer them to you at the wholesale price for you to resell to people in your community who will love the game.  Please email us for details about becoming a distributor.

    How Do I Play The Game?

    There are two ways to play Passover Bingo. The game, which is designed for the entire family, is patterned after the traditional game of Bingo.

    To play the game during your Seder, each player follows along with a bingo game board as the Hagaddah is read. If a word from a square on the board is read during the story of Exodus, the square can be covered with a marker. The first person to yell out “Bingo” as soon are the squares are covered in a winning pattern is declared the winner.

    The other way to play is before or after the seder.  The back side of the instruction card lists all the words on the card in scrambled order.  You can call out words one at a time, starting at the top, give a clue rather than the word itself, or even give a word an ask for an explanation.  Whoever covers the squares in a winning pattern first wins!  A detailed instruction sheet is included with each game.

    Can We Play The Game If We Have Less Than Six Guests At The Seder?

    Passover Bingo can be played with as few as two people.  The word list/explanations can even be used for independent study about key players and events of the holiday, though we recommend contacting learning in a group environment through your synagogue, outreach organization, or knowledgeable Jewish friends.

    Is The Board Game Designed For Kids Or Adults?

    Passover Bingo was originally designed as a game to keep kids engaged during the reading of the Seder, but adults often join in and love playing the game as well.

    Can I Get A Discount If I Order More Than One Copy Of The Board Game?

    If you’d like to order extra copies of Passover Bingo, for your friends and family – or even everyone in your Chavurah – bulk orders and distribution are available. Please contact us in order to do so.

    How was Passover Bingo created?

    Passover Bingo was designed by an attorney in Denver, Colorado who also writes for snowgrrl.com. She originally devised the game as a way to keep her niece and nephew engaged during the family’s Passover Seder.  It was such a hit with friends and family at her sister and brother in law’s seder, that everyone wanted a copy for their own seders next year!

    When Is Passover?

    Passover, which is an eight-day celebration (seven in Israel), typically falls in March or April. Passover 2016 will begin at sunset on the evening of Friday, April 22, 2016, and end after nightfall on the evening of Saturday, April 30, 2016.

    How Do I Find Out More?

    Please email us at info@passoverbingo.com if you have questions that are not answered on this website!